Ethiopian girl names


Maekot: meaning grace or abundance  በረከት ወይም ጸጋ /female/

Mahlet : part of a church where sermons are made
Makeda : princess Makeda
Marta :
Meaza : nice smell as in fragrance that rejoices the soul
Medhanit : meaning medicine
Mehret : Salvation
Mekdes : Part of the church the Arc of the covenant is found
Meklite : Is literally a precious mineral,but it has more meaning . It is a precious gift from God that He wanted you to produce more from it. Mat 25: 14-30
Mela : meaning black
Melitetsega : full of grace, as Arc Angel Gebriel called St Mary
Mena : food from heaven, like that people of Israel got while in desert
Menbere : where the king resides or sits on
Mesekerem : September, beautiful landscape, the start of the new year
Meseret : base as base upon which our marriage will be built on
Metasebia : meaning memorandum as in statue
Metsnanat : getting condolences
Milka ሚልካ - መካሪ ማለት ነው::ዘሁልቁ 26:33 ..meaning some one who gives friendly advices(Number 26:33)
Mintiwab : meaning how beautiful are you
Misrak : the east, where the sun, your my dear, has shine your happiness on us