Cute Ethiopian girl names


Banchi : by you, as in by you i´ve got ...
Bayush : wish everyone saw you

Bethany ቢታንያ ~Bethany, Bithynia: ቤታኒያ በተ ና፣ የምህረት ቤት፣ የይቅርታ ቤት፣ የሐና አገር ሰው ማለነው።
Beiment : in belief as in in belief we were bless with..
Belaynesh : you are above everyone, i mean everyone
Betelhem : you are the holy place where our lord Jesus started saving the world (my life)
Bethel : House of God...we wish you be in your future life
Betre : Betre Aron, example of Saint Mary, found green and growing with HIS will
Betsega : by blessing, I have got you by His blessing I don't deserve
Beza : Savior,
Birhan : Light ..of my life
Birikty : blessed
Biruktawit :
Bithynia ~ ቢታንያ: The name “Bithynia” means violent.
Bitsuan : the Holy, the God chosen, in their prayer, I ´ve got u
Blen : A grass or any instrument used to paint and beautify the eyelashes.It is also the lens of the eye literally but it means something to be highly cherished. እንደ አይን ብሌን ይጠብቅሽ እንደሚባለው

Ethiopian girl names with meaning

Ehite Mariam: Sister of saint Mary Eliana: ኤልአና -   ኤል   ማለት እግዚአብሔር ማለት ሲሆን አና ማለት ደግሞ «መለሰለኝ» ማለት ነው። በአንድ ላይ «አግዚአብሔር መለሰልኝ» ማለት ነው። ...