Ethiopian girl names with meaninngs


Eden : your birth made us live in heaven(Eden)
Edget: the growth in our life
Efrata : meaning fruitful, honored
Ehetegebriel : the sister of arch angel Michael, that is the our mother the virgin Mary
Elizabeth : The wife of Abraham, the holy, she is one of the holiest women
Ella: Means goddess, all or Complete
Elshaday : God the almighty
Emebet : Lady
Ement : Believe
Enat : loving you like my mom (enat)
Endegena: Once again
Enku : precious jewelery, which i vow to protect in my life
Esete : Value, added value to our life
Eskedar : unto the end, one is like you
Etagegn : I found my beloved sister
Etefework : double gold, is your nature..
Etsegenet : plant of the heaven whose aroma is food for soul
Etsehiwot : plant of my life, after you we got pleasure like we took sth pleasant
Etsub : perfect
Eyerusalem : Birth place of our lord Jesus where our salvation begun

Ethiopian girl names with meaning

Ehite Mariam: Sister of saint Mary Eliana: ኤልአና -   ኤል   ማለት እግዚአብሔር ማለት ሲሆን አና ማለት ደግሞ «መለሰለኝ» ማለት ነው። በአንድ ላይ «አግዚአብሔር መለሰልኝ» ማለት ነው። ...