Ethiopian girl names


Hafseba ሐፍሴባ - ደስታየ በርሷ ነው::(ኢሳ 64:4) meaning she is my joy(Is 64:4)
Haimanot : Religion
Hali: meaning the sea
Hannah ሐና: The name “Hannah” means gracious; merciful
Hananiah  ሐናንያ: The name “Hananiah” means grace; mercy; gift of the Lord
Haregewoin : branches of the wine, fruit of the sweet generation
Hasset : happiness
Helina : the mind who is neutral in judgment, that always thinks right
Hewan : the wife of Adam, biblical name, the first women

Ethiopian girl names with meaning

Ehite Mariam: Sister of saint Mary Eliana: ኤልአና -   ኤል   ማለት እግዚአብሔር ማለት ሲሆን አና ማለት ደግሞ «መለሰለኝ» ማለት ነው። በአንድ ላይ «አግዚአብሔር መለሰልኝ» ማለት ነው። ...